Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Part II

Berbekal sebuah aplikasi WordPress for iPhone dan kegundahan hati tingkat dewa, finally I decided to start writng my blog again. Entah content apa yang mau saya bawa, tapi yang jelas, dont forget to follow me on twitter (@asadfatchul) and visit my About Me profile #halah #promosi. Thanks for you who has read my blog again. Enjoy it! Cheers.


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About Asad

Student of Computer Science Faculty, Universitas Indonesia. CEO and Founder FlipBox Studio, web and mobile apps development company. Contributor of Co-founder Friend of WordCamp Indonesia, Annual WordPress developer meetup. Also an Apple minded user.

2 responses to “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Part II”

  1. AMYunus says :

    wah logo di samping kanan ini bagus. kenapa aku baru tahu ada kayak ginian? ck ck ck

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